Most Beautiful and Scary Vampire Makeup for Halloween

Most Beautiful and Scary Vampire Makeup for Halloween

The vampire is a creature of the night, he fears the sun’s rays because they burn his flesh. But it is also a living dead man who feeds solely on human blood. Its strength is phenomenal and it has the power to transform itself into a bat. The only way to destroy a vampire is to drive a stake or crucifix into his heart. The vampire fears holy water and garlic. He can’t see his reflection in a mirror. All these legends, which are widely used in literature and fantasy cinema, have contributed to making the vampire a very popular character, especially during Halloween evenings when his disguise is widely used.

The advantage is that it is easily achievable. In fact, it is enough to adopt a slightly gothic style with black clothes and then to tie a long cape around his neck and to equip himself with a false jaw with long canines. It also depends on what kind of vampire you want to be: a filthy and repulsive beast, a precious and distinguished character very well dressed, a bewitching and sexy vampire…

Are you lacking inspiration to create your vampire makeup for Halloween? Here is a small selection of the most beautiful and scary makeup.

This first makeup shows, as we wrote previously, the image of a vampire who doesn’t really have the human appearance. It is more like a beast or monster with the vile instincts and thirsty for blood. You will find the green emerald contact lenses of the cosplay type that it wears on our online shop “Solution-Lenses”. These are the excellent GEO CP-F4 models. They offer, as you can see, a very special dimension to the character. So you will not be able to do without it to succeed in your transformation. But you can also use GEO SF-35, GEO SF-G05 or GEO SF-10 in the opaque contact lens category.

The vampire above is to be classified in the same category as the first vampire. It has a physical appearance halfway between the woman and werewolf as it has pointed ears, extremely developed canines and orange-honey-coloured eyes like a cat that you can wear with our GEO SF-87 or Vassen Crystal GEO contact lenses.

The above picture illustrates a vampire much more in keeping with the representation we have of it, notably through cinematic filmmaking, a kind of romantic vision. He’s a rather sexy vampire with a pale complexion. You should therefore not skimp on the white make-up cream or foundation, but also on the eye shadow to make smoky eyes, and then of course, you will have to apply a lipstick color blood.

Then here is a vampire makeup and disguise as beautiful and refined as it is scary and frightening. He looks like a zombie. You will have to make your complexion pale and corpse and use a lot of red eye shadow. To make these eyes livid, we recommend wearing white GEO CP-F1 white cosplay contact lenses.

Finally, another very beautiful and frightening makeup that will impress the spirits on Halloween, that of a vampire from another planet, an alien with his very original paintings and contact lenses of the GEO SF-16 type that will freeze the blood of a few reckless people who dare to look you in the eyes.