What Colored Contact Lens Certifications on the Bottles Mean?

What Colored Contact Lens Certifications on the Bottles Mean?

As you probably know, you should be very careful and cautious when wearing corrective or colored contact lenses. Indeed, many Internet merchants and sellers who neglect the origin of their lenses offer dubious models that do not comply with safety standards and are often imitations of the contact lenses of major brands. This counterfeit market would be worth billions of dollars worldwide. These contact lenses are produced under deplorable health and safety conditions in countries in most developing or emerging Asian countries, such as China, India and Vietnam. There is no suitable control structure or competent authority for this purpose.

Also, it is quite obvious that these contact lenses represent a very great danger for your eye health since they can cause vision problems, discomforts, allergic reactions, corneal injuries, and then especially infections that can potentially have dramatic consequences leading to total blindness. So this is a serious matter.

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That’s why we call you to the utmost attention on cosmetic or ophthalmological contact lenses that you want to buy in, for example, shopping in a store or a trustworthy merchant site and that markets models that meet European, but also American and international standards.

To make sure that your heart is clear, you can check at a glance on the bottle or the packaging box contains a certain number of elements to ensure that they comply with the legislation in force. There are therefore numerous certifications, including CE, ISO, KFDA, FDA and GMP. Here are some explanations that will help you to decipher these standards:

CE: this marking, which is normally present on all products marketed, indicates that it complies with the requirements of the European Community. In other words, it complies with the legislation in force, with the rules laid down by the institution and acquires the right to be sold within Europe. Thus, the manufacturer or the company that markets it must carry out a quality technical test to demonstrate that there are no design defects and that there is no danger to consumers.

ISO: corresponding to the abbreviation “international organization for standardization”, in French “organisation internationale de normalisation”, this certification is granted by the latter to companies that meet a specific set of specifications and meet strict standards. It is a criterion that guarantees the quality of a product and service and is therefore an excellent indicator for demanding consumers. To obtain this certification, the company must contact the international standardization organization or the French standardization association, which will carry out a check to verify that it complies with the established standards.

KFDA: means “korean food and drug administration”, it is a Korean institution that controls food and medicines to ensure that they comply with the regulations. These initials affixed to consumer goods are therefore a guarantee of security.

FDA: these initials are the abbreviation for “Food and drug administration” which is the equivalent of KFDA but for the US market. This powerful body controls medicines and foodstuffs and issues marketing authorisations on the market if they meet more precise and demanding criteria.

So, it is quite obvious that all the contact lens packaging we offer in our “Solution-Lenses” shop carry these certifications in order to provide you with all the best guarantees of safety and reliability, this is our main objective.