Which Colored Lenses for Brown Eyes and Dark Skin?

Which Colored Lenses for Brown Eyes and Dark Skin?

Just as you dress and make up your eyes and skin in the same way that you look at the color of your eyes and skin so that you can benefit and enhance certain features, you also need to think carefully about which colored contact lenses are best suited to your eyes, with brown or black eyes and dark skin. In fact, contrary to popular belief, you are fortunate to have chocolate or caramel matte skin that allows you to use any lens shade, and this will reveal, highlight and bring out contact lenses in light colors.

So if you have brown eyes, blue lenses are probably the best choice you can make. The strong contrast of the colors will literally make your eyes sparkle. The natural brown of your eyes will blend in with the light blue of contact lenses and you’ll have captivating and bewitching eyes like Paris Hilton.

Blue contact lenses Paris Hilton

Another excellent option to bring light into your eyes, to make them more vivid, more troubling, more expressive and to charm those you wish; wear emerald green lenses that will marry nicely with brown also and in a natural way in the manner of the many Caribbean beauties but also more rarely Indian, taking example notably on Rihanna’s eyes.

Contact lenses color green contact lenses brown eyes

Even more original to spice up your eyes a little bit, add a shade that will make your eyes sparkle and make them shine brighter and shimmer with gray contact lenses.

And then another idea that will be an asset of seduction and an element with a very strong power of attractiveness, the warm colored honey yellow or amber lenses. Among the famous dark-skinned and brown-eyed women who wear it without moderation, there are of course Beyoncé, Naomi Campbell or Nicki Minaj.

Since these 4 light shades that we offer you on our online shop “Solution-Lentilles. com” will disappear transparently on light brown, dark brown or black eyes, it is quite obvious that you have to choose models that have a minimum of opacity.

So you could opt for lenses that are totally opaque to light and have fully covering properties. We won’t see the original color of your eyes.

Or, to make lenses that are perhaps less artificial, more nuanced, richer and colourful, opt for lenses with only motifs, which are spotted with small touches of light-coloured pigment and two or three different tones. They are similar to glitter that will blend with the natural color of your eyes to transform them into a sumptuous jewel like a gemstone shining with 1000 lights. These are the ones we recommend if you don’t want to have eyes that are too synthetic and manufactured. But on the contrary, that everyone believes that they are your true eyes and that nature has endowed you with this particularly rare and precious charm.

Pink colored lenses opaque pink brown eyes

In the end, the fact of being a woman with Afro, Asian, North African or Latin origins should not prevent you from fulfilling your dream by having beautiful clear eyes that can give you a sober, natural and distinguished style, or on the contrary, very sophisticated, strange, non-conformist, disconcerting, whimsical or extraordinary.

The point is to choose the right time to wear them. For festive occasions such as birthdays, Halloween, Halloween or cultural and artistic events, you can completely relax by wearing one of our magnificent pairs of pink, purple, yellow, white, white, orange, gold, red contact lenses or with various and varied motifs and symbols, some of which are totally original and delirious. And you who have dark eyes, you will only need to order models with partial or total opacity.