Contact Lenses: Do not do these Mistakes Home

Contact Lenses: Do not do these Mistakes Home

Wearing contact lenses is within the reach of anyone, there is no risk for those who are a minimum careful and organized. It’s really worth it! Contact lenses bring so many positive things visually, practically and aesthetically, especially for color models. Those who do anything and take ophthalmologists, opticians, pharmacists, specialty salespeople, or those listed in the directions for use of contact lens boxes lightly can pay a very high price for it because they are at risk of blindness and waste their lives.

Here are a few explanations to help you understand the mistakes you shouldn’t make at home when wearing contact lenses. Of course, these rules apply to all those who want to maintain a healthy and clean indoor environment, especially the most fragile ones, i. e. allergic people, asthmatics, young children or the elderly.

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First of all, at ground level, you must give preference to materials that do not produce fine particles that are suspended in the air and that are true dust mite nests, and moreover, easy to maintain, wash and disinfect. Minimize the use of carpet, textile tapestries and thick carpets. The same goes for curtains, velvet offal that collects dust, plush animals in children’s rooms. So, use washable surfaces that can be cleaned with a simple mop or sponge. Of course, for fragile people who suffer from allergies, it is not recommended to have pets such as a dog, a cat that brings many allergens from the outside but which themselves through their hair can provoke reactions. This is obviously the case with other animals such as hamsters, guinea pigs, mice and then especially birds.

Then, all the rooms in your home must be well ventilated, so don’t hesitate to open all your windows for a few hours a day to create a draught and clean the air. This operation will be all the more useful if you have previously cooked and produced a lot of smoke, and especially if you have cleaned and used cleaning products containing most of the chemicals that can cause eye irritation, dry eyes, tingling, itching or burning sensations and also intolerance to contact lenses. Needless to say, when you’re doing renovations, whether it’s painting, sanding, demolition, refurbishing or coating, you need to remove your contact lenses. And if you need a visual correction, opt for glasses, it’s much safer.

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When you store your contact lenses in the bathroom, an environment that is by definition very humid and generally warm, you should always place them in a case similar to the ones we sell on our shop “Solution-Lentilles. com” which is well sealed hermetically because this environment is conducive to the spread of germs, the appearance of fungi to colonize your contact lenses and subsequently your eyes which would have dramatic consequences.

Last but not least, please make sure that your bedding is always perfect, even if you are never supposed to sleep with your soft contact lenses. The bed alone concentrates countless dust mites, germs and microbes that are harmful to your eye health. So you need to wash your pillowcases, duvets, fitted sheets and bedspreads at high temperature to eliminate all these living organisms.