Which Cosplay Contact Lenses to Choose for Halloween?

Which Cosplay Contact Lenses to Choose for Halloween?

Every year as October 31st approaches, it’s the same thing, you have to compete with your imagination and inventiveness to find the best disguise possible to surprise and impress others on Halloween. Among the unreal characters who have come out of the imagination and appear in the very fertile literature and cinematography, there are of course witches, elves, fairies, monsters, vampires, mummies, aliens, certain animals and especially zombies, also known as undead.

We offer you a selection of cosplay contact lens ideas to wear that will go well with different costumes, one not without the other of course if you want the effect to be successful and your character to be credible and convincing.

If you like cats, for example, you can dress up as a cat by taking the Catwoman character in Batman as an example, you will have to choose between the model of cat green cosplay lenses “GEO SF-G05” or cat yellow eyes “GEO SF-Y05”.

A great classic, a devil such as Lucifer or Belz√©buth with his red cape, horns and fork. For coloured contact lenses, we recommend the black and red “GEO CP-K4 Naruto Kakashi Sharingan” and “GEO SF-R05” models, which are particularly successful and impressive.

A Halloween party would obviously be devoid of its meaning and flavour if there were not also a few zombies or undead, too, to terrorize guests wear the white and black cosplay lenses “GEO SF-16 Corona Marilyn Manson” or blood red and white “GEO SF-11”.

Another character who obviously has his place at a Halloween party, a vampire, whether it’s Dracula or the one straight out of Twilight like Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, Jacob Black or Alice Cullen. You can therefore choose to wear red lenses such as “GEO CP-S6 Volturi”,”GEO CR-04″ or “GEO SF-20”.

Finally, if you want to play Hulk, Frankenstein, a green monster or an alien, opt for green contact lenses such as “GEO SF-17″,”GEO SF-35” or “GEO SF-79”, which will have the greatest effect, we are sure even if your Halloween disguise is not so successful.

As you can see, it’s very easy to find colored lenses to go with your Halloween costume and all you have to do is make your choice on our shop.