How to Curl or Uncurl your Korean Synthetic Wig?

How to Curl or Uncurl your Korean Synthetic Wig?

Do you want to bring a second youth, give a style or a new shape to your synthetic Korean wig? Despite everything you can often read or hear on the Internet, it is quite possible to transform it by taking maximum care. Of course, to change the appearance of this one you should never use electric heating devices such as a straightforward iron and curling iron, as they are far too aggressive for synthetic fibres.

Depending on the desired effect and the wig model you own, there are several solutions available. If it’s a wig with synthetic fibers that are stiff and too flat for your taste, you can curl, curl, curl or curl them.

Make a synthetic wig curly synthetic wig

To wave them, all you have to do is make 4 large mats. One on each side of the skull and two behind that hold all the highlights. Or if you want to get small loops, you can also make many small braids. Then, you soak your Wig wig in a basin of boiling water for only a few seconds and then lay it flat on a towel to get rid of most of the moisture. Afterwards, you let it dry completely in the open air in a very ventilated area and ideally on a mannequin head. Finally, after just over an hour, you will break the mats.

Another technique, this time to curl or curl your Wig wig, is to use more or less large rolls that are not scratch-resistant and without velcro so. You will wrap the wicks in the desired places and then you will soak your synthetic wig in a basin of boiling water for about 2 minutes. Beyond that, the risk of the fibres melting is great. You will then let your wig dry and finally, you will break the curlers.

To smoothen and flatten your corneal wig there are 2 methods that work well with quality models, especially with the authentic Korean Wig in Japanese fiber since it is with these that we have done the test.

Soak your wig in a bowl of boiling water for a little over a minute and then soak it in cold water. Then, if you have not obtained the desired result, repeat the operation again and again, always being careful not to leave it too long in hot water so as not to damage the fibres. Then hang your wig or place it on a mannequin head.

Unraveling a Korean synthetic wig wig wig wig wig

Place your wig flat on the ground and put it in a moistened cotton towel, then iron it with a hot iron.

Finally, the last piece of advice to untangle your synthetic wig. You must first wash it with a specific shampoo, or use a very mild shampoo with a neutral ph and then soak it in conditioner detangling and rub gently, making sure that the product is well spread over all the strands. Rinse it with plenty of cold water, put it on a towel to get rid of as much water as possible and then put it on a mannequin head. Finally, start detangling very gently with a wide-tooth comb without ever forcing and while drying with a low power, low temperature hair dryer.

But if you don’t want to wash your synthetic wig and just untangle it, you can also use a detangling spray for dry hair.