Meruru Tweezers to Remove and Put your Contact Lenses Easily

Meruru Tweezers to Remove and Put your Contact Lenses Easily

Meruru tools to put or remove contact lenses

Contact lenses should be treated with extreme caution as they are fragile and must remain sterile. It is therefore a perilous and difficult exercise even for experienced people to manipulate them. Also, it is to make it easier for the users that the first instruments in the world called “Meruru tweezers” have been developed that will allow you to remove and place your contact lenses safely.

This innovative and very practical product was developed in Japan by a medical team in collaboration with the health authorities. There is no doubt that thanks to him, millions of eyes will be spared from eye diseases.

As everyone knows, our fingers carry germs and germs in phenomenal quantities, even very soon after washing our hands thoroughly. The latter are therefore the first source of infection. To greatly reduce the risk, we should never touch our contact lenses. This is especially true for women who usually have very long nails, as they need to do even more to ensure that they don’t scratch or damage contact lenses. This makes it even more difficult for them.

These Meruru instruments eliminate all these problems thanks to their incredible ease of use and efficiency. They are made with a very soft and durable medical silicone that will grip your contact lenses gently, whether it’s to put them on your eyes or to remove them, without your hands coming into direct contact with your contact lenses.

Meruru instrument for removing and applying contact lenses

The tweezers: used for the removal phase of contact lenses from the eye

The suction cup: used for the deposition phase of contact lenses on the eye

Spoon: is used to take each contact lens when it floats in the care solution, whether it is in the storage case or in the palm of your hand, and also to place it on the suction cup.

Groove: allows the stick to be hooked onto the tweezers or other support to dry it after cleaning

Meruru tweezers for contact lenses

How to use Meruru instruments?

We invite you to watch our Meruru videos on Youtube to learn how to handle our Meruru instruments perfectly.

How to use Meruru Instrument for Contact Lenses

How to use the Meruru stick to apply your soft contact lenses

1. Before each use, you should thoroughly clean your Meruru stick with a multifunctional contact lens care solution.

2. Grasp the stick by placing your hand on the groove side of the spoon, then place the back of the spoon on the soft contact lens floating upside down in the cleaning liquid and twist it into place. The lens should be well centered and not bend.

3. With the other hand, take your Meruru tweezers and place the small suction cup in the center of the lens. Then, by gently moving the stick, slide the lens away from the spoon and place it on the suction cup.

4. Look at your contact lens and make sure that you have the right lens to place in your right or left eye.

5. Spread the eye well, then gently approach the lens towards it and place it on the cornea.

6. Blink slowly to ensure that the lens is properly positioned and centered.

How to remove contact lenses with Meruru

How to remove your soft contact lenses with Meruru tweezers

1. Look up and keep your head straight.

2. Using a finger, lower the lower eyelid.

3. Use Meruru tweezers to slide your contact lens down slightly.

4. Pinch the contact lens with the two tips and remove it from your eye.

5. After use, rinse the instrument with clean water and dry it in a cool, well-ventilated area.

Instructional manual for Meruru instruments

We recommend that you carefully read the following instructions for use of this Meruru instrument.

Keep both tools in a safe, clean, dry and cool place away from any heat source that could deform them, make them lose their flexibility and make them dangerous.

Rinse with clean water and wash both Meruru instruments thoroughly before each use using only a multifunction soft contact lens care lotion. You must never use