Wear Contact Lenses just After Taking Them out of the Original Bottle?

Wear Contact Lenses just After Taking Them out of the Original Bottle?

When it comes to contact lenses and eye health, it’s better to be too careful than not enough. The eye is one of the most fragile, irreplaceable and obviously extremely useful and even vital organs. So you’re right to ask yourself whether wearing contact lenses right after you first take them out of the original bottle, after you’ve bought them, is a hazard or not.

We must first of all know that soft contact lenses such as we offer on our online shop “Solution-Lentils” are stored in order to be able to be kept for years, in a bottle containing sterile, saline and isotonic liquid that allows them to remain supple and hydrated, to have a stable water composition, usually around 40% and thus to keep their property intact. This sterile solution also contains preservatives. Also, if you put contact lenses directly on your eyes, these chemicals can cause an allergic reaction and irritation. For this reason, lens manufacturers recommend that contact lenses should always be allowed to bathe for a few minutes in a special multifunctional care product to rinse and remove these preservatives.

Then, each time you wear and handle your contact lenses, you will need to let them soak in the multifunction care solution for at least 6 hours to disinfect and clean them thoroughly by gently massaging their surface with your finger to remove impurities. The original bottle and its solution will no longer serve you well, so you can throw it away.

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What if you run out of lens care products?

There is an emergency solution if you really don’t have any other choice because, for example, you’re on the go or because it’s too late to buy the product to keep your contact lenses for a few hours or even days. Know that if you don’t, your lenses will dry out, get damaged, deform and you will never be able to put them back on again. And if you do, they will put your eyes at risk, causing irritation, injury, infection, visual disturbance, or simply discomfort, discomfort or discomfort. To do this, you will need to boil water in a saucepan and dissolve coarse salt in it. Then pour this saline solution into a glass container, preferably a perfectly clean glass container. Afterwards, you will wait until the liquid has cooled down completely to room temperature and then immerse your soft contact lenses in it.

However, before you can wear your contact lenses, you will need to clean and rinse them with a multifunction care lotion. But if you wear soft contact lenses for daily or even weekly use, we recommend that you discard them instead of making your own solution.

Of course, you should never wear lenses that have been rinsed with tap water, bottled water or even saline. All these liquids can carry germs and bacteria that can contaminate your contact lenses and cause serious infections to your eyes.

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