Witch Makeup Ideas For Halloween

Witch Makeup Ideas For Halloween

The witch or sorcerer is a very important and emblematic character for the Halloween party. It must also be said that the many legends, but also children’s stories, cartoons and Hollywood films have contributed to its popularity over the decades. Their physical appearances but also their personalities have often been revisited. The depiction of the green-skinned, bumpy-bumpy witch with a crooked nose and horrific warts on her face has aged well.

Indeed, today we also see the appearance of witches, sometimes demonic witches, who have on the contrary an advantageous physique, a pure face, very aesthetic fine features, notably the witch incarnated remarkably by Angelina Jolie in the film “Maléfique”, the rather sexy Afro witch named “Tia Dalma” in “Pirates of the Caribbean”, the very desirable and torrid witch Melissandre in “. With her we are very far from the hideous, repulsive, bad and dangerous character. Finally, the last example is the witch in the film “The World of Marnia”, which inspires confidence and breathes the goodness and purity of the soul.

In short, you can choose to put yourself to your physical advantage by being beautiful and sensual, or to be ugly and frightening, but also to be evil or beneficial. What these women have in common above all is that they have powers thanks to their wand, broom, potion, fate or magic formula. Here are some ideas for beautiful or scary witches’ make-up that will help you for the Halloween party:

To start with, here below is the classic picture of a witch’s face halfway between the witch in two famous Walt Disney movies,”Sleeping Beauty” and “Snow White”. You will have to use a green make-up cream that will cover your entire face, then with oily pencils, you will blacken the eye contour area, eyebrows, slightly cheekbones, and finally, you will apply a black lipstick.

Halloween Witch Makeup Idea

Another witch makeup, this time rather gothic and imitating a skull of Mexican style. With him, you’ll be chilling all the participants at your Halloween party. It is quite simple to make in the end. All it takes is a white foundation and a black greasy pencil.

Gothic Halloween witch makeup

Another witch to be classified this time in the category of possessed, spellbound or undead. With her eyes completely white and exorbitant, she reminds us of the character of “Tornado” in the famous series “X-Men”. Cosplay contact lenses will be the centerpiece of your transformation. Our “Solution-Lenses” shop offers white, opaque models that will offer you perfect comfort, clear vision and total security. So opt for the GEO CP-F1 CRAZY GEO lens model, it’s our best Seller every year for Halloween.

Halloween Witch with cosplay white lentils

Far from the previous monsters or scary creatures, here is a beautiful makeup for a witch with bewitching eyes and a much more human and natural appearance. She is closer to the fairy, the magician, an enchantress, a necromancer or a cartomancian with her red hair just like Melissandre. It wears a light make-up around the eyes and green-coloured lenses GEO SF-35 CRAZY. You can imagine him living in a cabin in a remote forest.

Makeup witch bewitching makeup for Halloween

Among these different models, you will certainly find the makeup that best matches your disguise, your personality, your cosplay lenses and the character you want to play.