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53 thoughts on “Feedback – Review

  • Magge

    Delivery was delayed because of the virus and less planes available, but I finally got my order from a virus free country and I am very happy with the products.

  • Loane


    I received my order and everything is great! Thank you so much! The cases are cute and the free gift was a nice touch.



  • Jennifer

    Yes I am very happy with your service for the past few years I have gone here to purchase my lenses. Your customer service is always refreshingly nice and quick to answer. You have always been quick to reach out or respond when a problem has come up either on your side or mine and I love all the details that go into each order. The sweet little cute stickers on each envelope, the protective wooden box, and always the adorable pens and unexpected little gifts. Thank you so much for everything that you all do.

  • Catriona


    I have ordered several pairs of lenses from you in the past. I have always loved them and had a great experience with the ordering process! I love that you offer “buy [x] get [x] free” deals, too.

    I always recommend your store when friends ask me where to get contact lenses. ^-^

    I hope to order again in the future~


  • Le


    I received my order and everything is great! Thank you so much! The cases are cute and the free gift was a nice touch.



  • Amala P

    I have been buying products from your store for several years now and I am always very satisfied with the quality of products I have been receiving. Unfortunately, lately, I have tried to order contact lenses but there was some issue with my order. They were resent by customer service and I am patiently waiting for the product to arrive, it has taken a while this time around.

  • Caroline

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have already placed an order a long time ago and let me tell you how pleased I was.
    I will buy again and spread the word.


  • Paulan

    Yes I am really happy with beauty color lens! I have ordered lenses in the past and the service and lenses were amazing!

  • Martha

    I have thoroughly enjoyed every product I received. I really liked the site and how easy it was to use, and I loved how comfortable and pretty the lenses I ordered are. I recommend this company to others often, and I hope to get more products soon!
    Thank you for your wonderful products and customer service!

  • Jon

    Hi, Thank you! Nice lens! By the way, the recent free gift was not useful. Hopes to receive something better!

  • Jana

    I think that I tried most shops selling color lenses (online) in the world, and this one is the best for me, NEVER disappointed by products, delivery and customer service. Thank you for the great gifts also You can add more to my next order 🙂

  • Kale

    Hey guys i wanted to say sorry because yesterday i just got a notification from my post office in my country that my package just arrived. I know i said i was going to dispute but i was worry cause i thought i was going to lose my money but now i would definitively do business with you in the near future… just as you said it might have taken two weeks to get here, i will send pictures of the lenses soon. You guys were very trustworthy since the beginning but sometimes i am very desperate once again my apologies and thank you for your service, i hope to hear from you soon

  • Romania

    Dear seller,lenses were daughter liked it very much !will order from you again. And thank you for presents

  • Rina

    Thank you so much for the free gifts, not expecting them! Delivery delayed as they redirected to pop station instead of allowing me to choose redelivery.

    After 5 days (i was too busy to collect from pop station), they transferred the package to the general post office on 22nd Dec. Upon calling them, they advised me to collect on 26th.

    Best regards and Happy New Year!

  • Ashley

    Hi there, I am very happy with my contact lenses 🙂 The favorites I have purchased from your shop are Vassen Cara Gold!

  • Paule

    I am extremely happy with my lenses. Beautiful lenses, and great packaging, thank you for the free pen and case. I will always order here again, thank you! 🙂

  • Bena

    I am very happy with my lens! They are a different color than what I expected (orange), but still very pretty!
    I will be taking cosplay photos tomorrow and I will share them with you, I will also share the link to your website for my readers to visit and shop.
    Thank you again! Please look forward to the photos I will be taking.

  • Thelma

    hello friend , i am really happy by all your product i ordered , i am al ready to test product if you want send me
    thank you so much and best regards

  • Sandra

    I am very happy with the lenses purchased. They made an excellent addition to my Halloween costume. Thank you.

  • Tingting

    I already ordered something from you and I was in love with the lenses and the small presents,this time it’s the same,cute presents and nice quality contacts, I will order again ♡

  • Will

    Hello dear,, I have some products from your shop and I am really happy and in love with them. You have very confortable products and a lot of cute designs. Thanks again.

  • Andrew

    Good evening!
    I have to thank you so much for your product. I bought pair of grey lenses and they look absolutely perfect!! They are a bit bigger than my eye,but that is not really a problem. They also look so stunning and natural. I will send you photo with and without so you will see. I want to buy some more,maybe natural blue. Best lenses. Why to spend hundreds when you can buy better for less. Definitely worth of the money! I will write also feedback on internet if that is possible. I am very happy and satisfied! I have kawai kitty sheer gray.

  • Sloane

    Hello! I’ve received my lens and I’m very happy with them! Even though my eyes are naturally brown, the blue really shows and makes my eyes look as pretty as I hoped. Thank you!

  • JeNNiFer

    Thank you! I really appreciate the timely shipping updates and nice packaging. The lenses are just what I was looking for.

  • Sania

    I have had a relative buy some contact lenses from your store and they had a very good experience wearing your contact lenses and said they were very good quality. I have not bought anything from your store but I am definitely planning too.
    Have a great day ^~^

  • Nars

    I was very happy with the website and the contacts. The contacts were wonderful, comfortable, price nicely and the shipping was fairly fast. Thank you for the extra little gifts in the package they were very cute! I look forward to purchasing again and telling my friends about your website!

  • Joan


    Thank you! I’m very pleased with your product. I was concerned about the late arrival, but it was only because the package needed a signature and I live in a non-contact dorm hall. Next time I will just give you guys a more reliable address. Thanks again!

    Sincerely a happy customer,

  • Loaniz

    Thank you so much for the brown choco contact lens. Your service is excellent and I will always buy contact lens from you, if you continue to have the dark brown choco lens.

    Thank you again

  • Nobluk

    I am very happy with my contact lenses, thank you! Your product was very easy to use and did nothing to my eyes after extended use, as some others have. As soon as I use my other lenses, I will most definitely order more as soon as possible!!

  • Nathalie

    Yes! i am in love with the contacts i received! I really like the green and black pair i got, but the blue ones just look a little weird on me and they don’t blend well with my brown eyes. overall i do really like them! thank you!

  • Orlandp

    I thought shipping was going to be faster but took 2 weeks to get here but the product was perfect and I loved the extra souvenirs that you guys shipped with my order

  • Biatch

    I love all the contacts I’ve purchased from you. But can not buy any at the moment. Currently going through rough times with money and have to be very frugal. Thanks for your hospitality.

  • desire


    Since its the first time ordering from your website I had my insecurities
    and the fact that it took almost a month to come, i thought it got lost on the way.
    but i was wrong, i just received it today, and i love the way it was packed.. it was securely wrap
    and prevented the glass bottles from breaking.
    I loved the free stuff aswell.
    i cant say anything about the lenses just yet, cause i havent tried it yet.
    Anyways, i would like to thank you a lot for everything.



  • Manlia

    I loovveee my contacta there so pretty an natural looking. Ill definitely be buying from you again thank you for the fast delivery also